Update with LFLB 2022

The LFLB 2022 working group continues to meet on Zoom on the 1st Monday of the month. Join our mailing list to receive the link and a reminder for the meeting. The group submitted an application to receive a grant to assist with putting LFLB 2022. Look forward to seeing you at one of ourContinue reading “Update with LFLB 2022”

Warm Fused Glass Workshops

The two-day workshop is suitable for people who have experienced mental and emotional distress, families and supporters, mental health and community workers, doctors and therapists, and anyone who would like to better support people who have experienced mental and emotional distress. The purpose of the workshops is to teach participants how to make 3 kindsContinue reading “Warm Fused Glass Workshops”

24 days to go_Kickstarter Recovery Box Update #8

This link has an updated video  on progress with the Recovery Box Project This is Issue Four of SUPER CRO Standard the charity supporting the development of the Recovery BoxWe have reached the halfway point with the Kickstarter Recovery Box (RB) project , launched 36 days ago on Kickstarter and while it has started to raise awareness about theContinue reading “24 days to go_Kickstarter Recovery Box Update #8”

Update #5 Recovery Box Project

The Recovery Box (RB) project was launched 7 days ago on Kickstarter and has started to raise awareness about the RB. We have 10 backers, 27 followers and have raised $791 which is 7% towards our funding goal of $10,871. We have another 53 days to reach that goal and with your assistance I am confidentContinue reading “Update #5 Recovery Box Project”

Kickstarter Project Pre Launch

The Recovery Box project has been approved by Kickstarter and is planned to be launched on Sunday 1 March at 10 am. This link will take you to a pre-launch of the project and give you an understanding of what the Recovery Box can do. Please send this out through your networks and support theContinue reading “Kickstarter Project Pre Launch”

We Have Become a Charity

Click here for a copy of the SUPER CRO Newsletter October 2019 The Australian Charity and Not for Profit Commission has notified SUPER CRO Executive that we have been accepted as an UnincorporatedAssociation with Charity status on 22 September, 2019. The Responsible Persons: Chair Lynda Hennessey, Vice-Chair, Peter Hawes and Treasurer, Kristy Mounsey met on theContinue reading “We Have Become a Charity”

Tripper Tees

Welcome to tripper tees a fundraising website to raise funds for super cro a mental health organization aimed at making a difference. An organization that has my full support and will receive half the profits from all products sold on this website and the other half will go into projects I am setting up toContinue reading “Tripper Tees”

Thanks Frank

Thanks Frank A great summary of the issues facing our sector Regards Douglas Holmes On Thu, 15 Mar 2018 at 5:00 pm, Frank Quinlan <frank.quinlan@mhaustralia.org> wrote: No Images? Click here banner: CEO Update, Mental Health Australia Twitter Facebook YouTube SoundCloud Speaking frankly… Let’s get serious about funding co-design Today I spent the morning in MelbourneContinue reading “Thanks Frank”

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