Update #5 Recovery Box Project

The Recovery Box (RB) project was launched 7 days ago on Kickstarter and has started to raise awareness about the RB. We have 10 backers, 27 followers and have raised $791 which is 7% towards our funding goal of $10,871. 
We have another 53 days to reach that goal and with your assistance I am confident that will happen.The RB project URL is: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/recoverybox/recovery-bo

With this update I am following the suggestions from Kickstarter about how to promote the project. You can find out more by clicking on the link below:https://www.kickstarter.com/blg/a-few-tips-on-maintaining-momentum-during-your-project
Information about  the development of the Recovery Box can be found here  and there are a number of Youtube videos about the progress with the Recovery Box here.
I have attached 4 images from the Kickstarter Dashboard. They show a range of useful information about where you are up to with your goals.Thank you for taking the time to read this Douglas Holmes

Kickstarter Project Pre Launch

The Recovery Box project has been approved by Kickstarter and is planned to be launched on Sunday 1 March at 10 am.

This link will take you to a pre-launch of the project and give you an understanding of what the Recovery Box can do.

Please send this out through your networks and support the development of a resource that has the potential to change the way information about Mental Health can be accessed by all stakeholders.

Warm Fused Glass Workshop

SUPER CRO is supporting the development of the Warm Fused Glass Workshop being held on 13 & 14 February, 2020 at 1/22 Aintree St, Brunswick East VIC 3057

For more information about the workshop have a look at the brochure or call us on 0403 386 017. Some subsidies available. Apply via subsidy application form.


The two-day workshop is suitable for people who have experienced mental and emotional distress, families and supporters, mental health and community workers, doctors and therapists, and anyone who would like to better support people who have experienced mental and emotional distress. The purpose of the workshops is to teach participants how to make 3 kinds of fused glass pendants; from start to finish, as a salable product. Participants will also be taught how to use Market Taxi to raise funds for consumer run projects; and ways of using creativity to cope with emotional distress and symptoms which have been shown to improve people’s relationships with their experiences and feel more empowered.

Peter Hawes imagePeter combines personal experience of trauma, psychosis and hospitalisation with experience gained through training and practice, including working in the first Voices Vic team. A voice hearer, Peter’s work is based on the principles of the Consumer Movement. He has created and managed innovative projects supporting young people, families, and adults who hear voices or have unusual beliefs. Peter is a founding member of SUPER CRO, trainer and spokesperson, promoting creative responses for people in severe distress. He is ViceChair and board member of SUPER CRO a Consumer Run Organisation that aids consumers through education, advocacy, collaboration, feedback and equal representation

We Have Become a Charity

Click here for a copy of the SUPER CRO Newsletter October 2019

The Australian Charity and Not for Profit Commission has notified SUPER CRO Executive that we have been accepted as an UnincorporatedAssociation with Charity status on 22 September, 2019. The Responsible Persons: Chair Lynda Hennessey, Vice-Chair, Peter Hawes and Treasurer, Kristy Mounsey met on the 8 October 2019 and have decided to develop an information sheet to start the process of inviting interested persons to become members through our website.

Membership of SUPER CRO is open to anyone who supports the Charitable Purpose and agrees to be bound by the rules. You can then apply below to join SUPER CRO as either an Active Member, Associate Member or a Friend of SUPER CRO. SUPER CRO has three types of membership:

i. An Active Member is a person with lived experience of mental distress or trauma background who is involved in actively running SUPER CRO
ii. An Associate Member is a person with lived experience of mental distress or trauma background who does not want to be actively involved in running SUPER CRO. Associate members are eligible to become active members by notifying and receiving confirmation from the Secretary of SUPER CRo
iii. A Friend of SUPER CRO is anybody who supports the purpose of the SUPER CRO, however,
can not vote or move a motion at meetings of the SUPER CRO