Team Marbles Challenge

The Team Marbles Challenge is being developed by SUPER CRO to support the development of Recovery Month across Australia.

Welcome to the start of organising the 2022 Team Marbles Challenge (TMC) being hosted by SUPER CRO during September 2022. The challenge will be very different this year. A Captain and supporters meeting was held in June 2021 on Zoom and people agreed that we would change the way the TMC had been played in previous years to accommodate how Covit-19 has impacted life in Australia.

Tasks for 2022 include:

Each team will have a Team Captain plus as many members needed as constructors, supporters, and marble rollers.

The first task for Team captains is to get supporters to like their Facebook page. Click here to enroll in a team

The second task is to enroll supporters on the sheet on the last page of the Captain’s Information pack.

Supporters may or may not attend the event – this allows the team captains to promote the event through their networks – the team with the biggest increase of post engagement scores on their Facebook page between 1/10/2021 and 27/10/2021 receives the maximum number of points for task 1.

The team with the most registered supporters receives the greatest number of points for task 2. Once the challenge gets underway each registered team needs to complete two other tasks.

Task 3: In 2022 the structure for the challenge will be no 1 from Quadrilla. This task will not be timed this year as teams will be holding local events and large gatherings may not be possible in all locations.

Task 4: has also changed this year and this task will be used to encourage locals to roll 10 marbles through the structure – Teams can have as many people roll marbles at their local event. If the team wants to be eligible to be part of the final (the date will be finalised at the 2022 TMC Captains Meeting TBD). Teams will need to be able to record the times the top 5 marble rollers took to complete. People can have as many practices as the Team Captains can organise for their local communities. More information:

It is an agenda item for the SUPER CRO Responsible Persons Zoom meeting.

To see the updated 2022 rules Captians-information-pack V0.2 120621