Active Members Information

An Active Member in SUPER CRO is described in the rules as:
  • An Active Member is a person with lived experience of mental distress or trauma background who is actively involved in the day to day activities of SUPER CRO.
This is information about the paperwork that was developed during the development of SUPER CRO This file is from the meeting on Saturday 5 January 2019, at 7.30 pm 2019SCTOC V0.5 010119 draft_conflict_of_interest_policy_docx_18kb draft_register_of_interest_docx_15kb_1 (2) Constitution   webinar_presentation_slides_-_managing_conflicts_of_interest (1)

Draft Strategic Plan

In September 2019 the ACNC awarded SUPER CRO Charity Status and this is the Rules-for-super-cro-Vf-280419

On Friday 10 August 2018 interested members of the SUPER CRO met and made comments on the draft rules of the SUPER CRO. The draft-rules-for-super-cro-V0-14-120818 have been updated and any comments are welcome.

The Draft Rules-for-Super-CRO V0.10 041217 have been updated and will be worked on at the December 13 meeting at Randwick.

This is a copy of draft Rules-for-SUPER CRO-with-Readability Guidelines-V0.2-141017 to govern SUPER CRO

Members of the SUPER CRO will be at the 2018 TheMHS Conference and the 2018 Recovery Camp where you can discuss any changes to the current rules.

The final opportunities for input into the rules changes will be at a Special General meeting on 14 September 2018 at 2pm during the Voices for Recovery forum at Club Macquarie. The document that will be used during the meeting can be found here draft-rules-for-super-cro-v0-16-140918-converted

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