This is the start of a blog for the SUPER CRO.

A small working group of people interested in starting a Consumer Run Organisation (CRO) in New South Wales are working through the steps to make the CRO happen.

We are being supported by CRO’s in Kansas and Georgia

On Monday 12 June we received confirmation that the SUPER CRO has an ABN and is registered = see the paperwork below:

ABN Application confirmation









12 thoughts on “About

  1. Exciting to see tedious work come together, my heart has been payed, I say thank you peers.
    Hey fellow peers, your worth more money but don’t ask for it.
    I encourage us to keep up the working good.

  2. This is an exciting initiative that I look forward to flourishing and fulfillment.
    Ross (Public Officer)

  3. It has been a joy to watch this group grow and mature! Wishing my Australian peers much success in this endeavor. It has been an honor to be part of your discussion and collaborations in starting up!

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