SUPER CRO 2021 Second AGM

SUPER CRO is holding its second Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 14 December with an online Zoom meeting.

Information about the 2021 Annual General Meeting can be found here

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This is the Zoom link that will allow you to register for the meeting: Click here to register for meeting

Information about the 2020 Annual General Meeting is below:

SUPER CRO held their 1st Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 19 December 2020 in Wodonga, Victoria.

During the AGM the members were presented with the 2020 Annual Information Statement that was passed and uploaded to the Australian Charities and Not for profits Commission(ACNC) website: 2020 AIS Review

A copy of the SUPER CRO Annual Report is available 2020 SUPER CRO Annual Report

We are very grateful to Connect & Support for the use of their premises and look forward to working with them in the future.

The following people were nominated and accepted by those members attending the meeting.

The chairperson for the next 12 months is Lynda Hennessy
The vice chairperson for the next 12 months is Pete McGee
The secretary for the next 12 months is Tori Duncombe
1 Ordinary committee was elected for the next 12 month Kristy Mounsey

The following is taken from the SUPER CRO Constitution

Section 16.6 The association must hold its first AGM within 18 months of being formed. After that, the association must hold an AGM at least once in every calendar year, at which it provides reports to members about the financial position and activities of the association.
Section 17.7 The ordinary business of the AGM is to confirm the minutes of the previous AGM, receive reports and statements on the previous financial year, and elect committee members. The notice of the AGM must include any special business or resolutions to be considered.

The SUPER CRO Authorised Representative held a committee meeting today (1/11/2020) and set the date for the 1st SUPER CRO AGM. Saturday 19 December at 11 am. Depending on the lifting of the Covit-19 NSW/Vic border crossing we plan to be in Wodonga on the day. We are also planning to have a Zoom Conference link as well for those not able to be in Wodonga on the day.

The information about the meeting:

2020_SUPER CRO_AGM_agenda
Minutes_Templates_for_2020_SUPER CRO AGM
SUPER CRO Profit & Loss 19-20
SUPERCRO Draft Balance Sheet

An email will also be sent to all SUPER CRO members on 26 November