What is mental health?

There are many different types of mental health conditions and disorders, and a wide range of symptoms within each of them. They can be experienced on a sliding scale from mild to severe, and short-term to longer-term; with some being quite serious.

It’s important for everybody to look after their wellbeing. Mental ill-health can happen to anyone, and it can strongly affect a person’s behavior, physical health, relationships, ability to do work, and even their feelings and perceptions of the world. With the right support, things can improve.

If you feel you need support, there are options available. Talking to people you trust is the first step, as is seeking professional support. Focusing on self-care and finding peers who have gone through something similar are a few other options.

On our Causes of Mental Health information page we have information about how SUPER CRO can assist with understanding your mental health.

Digital mental health resources can often be just as effective as talking to someone face-to-face. If you’re not comfortable talking to someone in person, that may be the way to go. Whatever you choose, trust is a very important factor.

SUPER CRO is not here to diagnose or give clinical advice, but we can help in other ways. We can give you ideas on how to improve your overall wellbeing, and we can point you to the organisations and digital mental health resources that can best help with your situation. 

SUPER CRO has several resources on our Recovery Resources Encyclopaedia Box (RRE Box) RRE Box that can assist people to learn about mental health. 

We have included three websites that have information that will allow people to get information about mental health, ways to improve your mental health, mental health issues in Australia. They include: 

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