SUPER CRO Standard

This post has the draft copy of SUPER CRO Standard Issue No 1.

This will become a regular way we update interested people with what’s happening with SUPER CRO


We Have Become a Charity

Click here for a copy of the SUPER CRO Newsletter October 2019

The Australian Charity and Not for Profit Commission has notified SUPER CRO Executive that we have been accepted as an UnincorporatedAssociation with Charity status on 22 September, 2019. The Responsible Persons: Chair Lynda Hennessey, Vice-Chair, Peter Hawes and Treasurer, Kristy Mounsey met on the 8 October 2019 and have decided to develop an information sheet to start the process of inviting interested persons to become members through our website.

Membership of SUPER CRO is open to anyone who supports the Charitable Purpose and agrees to be bound by the rules. You can then apply below to join SUPER CRO as either an Active Member, Associate Member or a Friend of SUPER CRO. SUPER CRO has three types of membership:

i. An Active Member is a person with lived experience of mental distress or trauma background who is involved in actively running SUPER CRO
ii. An Associate Member is a person with lived experience of mental distress or trauma background who does not want to be actively involved in running SUPER CRO. Associate members are eligible to become active members by notifying and receiving confirmation from the Secretary of SUPER CRo
iii. A Friend of SUPER CRO is anybody who supports the purpose of the SUPER CRO, however,
can not vote or move a motion at meetings of the SUPER CRO

Tripper Tees

Welcome to tripper tees a fundraising website to raise funds for super cro a mental health organization aimed at making a difference.

An organization that has my full support and will receive half the profits from all products sold on this website and the other half will go into projects I am setting up to make a difference to those in distress…

Sometimes the best way to receive cool products is also support a cause you value.

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