The First 25 RRE Boxes

The first 25 RRE Boxes have been produced and will be delivered to participants who have expressed an interest in Beta testing and contributing to the development of the RB during the next 12/18 months. This includes several of the backers from the original Kickstarter project who are receiving their RB as a reward offered during the promotion.

So far 45 or the boxes have a home.

Pete McGee was excited about reaching this milestone and is looking forward to being involved in a range of Recovery Box workshop around Australia once all the Covit-19 bans have been lifted and we get back to a little more normalcy in our lives.

Tentative planning for the first RB workshop has been interrupted due to the current Covit-19 outbreak in Victoria.

People can support the project by purchasing a RRE Box from our shop or donating to SUPER CRO. SUPER CRO is an unincorporated association with charity status that is supporting the development of the RB.

Lynda Hennessey, chairperson of SUPER CRO is looking forward to working with members to hold the Second Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 15 December 2020 with an online Zoom meeting. Sign up to the newsletter for more information below to get more information.

This document will come with each Recovery Box Introduction to Recovery Box




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