The Recovery Resources Encyclopedia Box (REE Box) is the first project SUPER CRO has supported and more information is available at www.rrebox.com

We have changed the name of the Recovery Box to the Recovery Resources Encyclopaedia Box.

Click Here for the reason we have changed the name

Click here Background on Recovery Box V0.7 100119 for a copy of the background paper on the development of the RB.

The RB concept was launched on 14 September 2018 at the Voices for Recovery forum in Lake Macquarie

On Wednesday 29 April 2020 we were notified that the Kickstarter Recovery Box project had reached it funding goal of $10,881.001_KSU_030520

What will this allow us to do?

Once Kickstarter collects all the pledges and puts the money into the nominated bank account, the team has to fulfill the rewards that the backers identified when they donated to the project.

The 11 Recovery Boxes that have been pledged will be ready for delivery towards the end of June. Pete McGee the developer has a little more coding to do on the front end and then we will be ready for the boxes to go.

This will leave around 39 boxes that we want to place in the community with people who are willing to be involved in contributing towards the improvement of the information that will be on the Recovery Boxes.


How can I be involved?

To register your interest click here Preference will be given to members of SUPER CRO, others may purchase a box from SUPER CRO.

A copy of the Voices for Recovery flyer is available here

To purchase a Recovery Resources Encyclopaedia Box Click Here

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