Consumer Conversations

The SUPER CRO working group is supporting the development of Consumer Conversations that started as a result of several consumer using Facebook Messenger to exchange ideas about what they needed to do at the 2017 The Recovery Camp in Wallaroo, South Australia.

As a result of Ailsa Rayner attending the TheMHS Conference in Sydney where she asked Minister Greg Hunt if he would support relooking at funding the National Consumer Run Network, he asked Ailsa to send a letter and make an appointment to meet with a group to discuss this,

The group decided to use Facebook Messenger so we invited a few extra people to participate and we brainstormed the idea of a letter to Minister Hunt, Over the next two weeks the letter, became a reality and was sent off on 22 September.

A small working group has moved material across from The Consumer Conversations Facebook Messenger into a Google Group with the same name – the link is below.

More information about Consumer Conversations can be found here

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