21st MAD Pride Festival

SUPER CRO invites you to be involved in our 21st Annivesary Celebration. Tickets for concert on Saturday 21st January starting ay 2:00 pm BELOW.

M.A.D. Pride is an international movement celebrating M.A.D.  Culture.       The M.A.D. is an acronym for Making a Difference or Movement Against Discrimination . The 21st Festival will be held at the Kensignton Community Hall, 1 Day Lane, Kensignton NSW

Our Mission is to aid consumers through education, advocacy, collaboration, feedback and equal representation

Our Vision with SUPER CRO is to create safe places where people who have a lived experience of mental distress or trauma background can come together to support each other in furthering their recovery and join their voices to support improving mental health services. It is a place to receive support, but more importantly, a place to give back, to be of service, and contribute to their community.

Published by Douglas Holmes

More information www.supercro.com

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