Follow up after Monday 19 December “Looking Forward Looking Back 2023 (LFLB23)

This meeting continued the planning for the LFLB23

Reminder about LFLB23 Planning


Looking Forward Looking Back (LFLB) 2022 was started to continue the work that The SUPER Group had started in 2010 at St Vincents Hospital to raise awareness about Recovery and what Recovery Oriented Services to the members involved in organising the different events under the heading of LFLB. 2022 was the sixth time the group had used the term LFLB.

After another successful event in 2022, the group with the support of SUPER CRO is developing this resource to capture what happened during the day and promote the work the working group is doing to turn Looking Forward Looking Back into a yearly event held on the anniversary of Henry Lawson state funeral in 1922. It also coincides with SUPER CRO’s aim of holding an event at the beginning of Recovery Month in September and raising awareness about having others join in with celebrations in other places across Australia.

The committee and attendees will contribute to this publication by selecting one or more of the images captured by Creative Camera at LFLB 2022.

The start of the booklet “A Day to Remember” plus start of image selection
Press for The Web Gallery images from LFLB22 (password LFLB2022)
Notes from Brainstorming from December meeting
Looking for People to organise 20th Anniversary of MAD Pride in Australia
All people on the SUPER CRO MailChimp list are invited on Monday 16 January LFLB Meeting. The meeting starts at 1 PM to participate in planning for Looking Forward Looking Back 2023 (LFLB23).


Welcome to the meeting – DH
Acknowledgment of Country
Catch Up – All
Which image have you selected for the Booklet – All
Notes from the December brainstorming session – All
Update with planning for MAD Pride – LH



Zoom link for LFLB23 Meeting
Send an email if you have any questions
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