Reminder  “Looking Forward Looking Back 2023 (LFLB23) DNO

This meeting will start the planning for the LFLB23,

Reminder about LFLB23 Planning

Zoom link for LFLB23 Meeting
All people on the SUPER CRO MailChimp list are invited on Monday 21 November LFLB Meeting. The meeting starts at 1PM to participate in planning for Looking Forward Looking Back 2023 (LFLB23).


Welcome to meeting
Acknowledgment of Country
Catch Up
Which image have you selected for the Booklet
Notes from October brainstorming session



Press for The Web Gallery images from LFLB22 (password LFLB22)
Notes from Brainstorming from October meeting
Send an email if you have any questions
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Forward Forward
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Forward Forward

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