Follow Up from “Looking Forward Looking Back 2022 (LFLB22)

This meeting will focus on feedback from the LFLB22, review the images taken during the day and where we might go in the future

Follow up from Looking Forward Looking Back 2022

Zoom link for LFLB 2022 Meeting
All people on the Mailchimp list are invited on Monday 19th September from 1 PM. Members will be invited to share their thoughts on Looking Forward Looking Back (LFLB22), have a look at the images taken on the day, and where we take LFLB22 from here.


Welcome to meeting
Acknowledgment of Country
Catch Up
Comments on LFLB 2022
Photographs from the day
Where to from here



The WEB GALLERY link will be shared during the meeting on Monday 19, the password will be given to people who attend the meeting.

If you are unable to attend the meeting send an email to get the weblink and the password pm

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