MAD Pride online event


We had a productive meeting yesterday and I have attached a draft flyer that I would like your feedback on before Wednesday.

I have included some notes from yesterday so we can have a record of the meeting. Thanks to Richard for Chairing the meeting

  • Basically, those present agreed that we would hold an event on Friday 30 October
  • We would use Zoom, Nate to be the Host, Douglas to Co-host (max 100 sites)
  • Lynda to coordinate the program
  • Douglas to develop a flyer to promote and invite performers (draft attached)
  • The event would have both live and prerecorded artists
  • We agreed to meet on Sat 19 September from 1 to 3 and again on Sat 3 Oc then weekly until the concert
  • All agreed to promote the event through our networked – this will happen after we have had comments on the flyer, Douglas to check-in if no response by Tuesday
  • The purpose of the event is to give MAD Pride an online presence and identify individuals and groups that want to be involved doing that around Australia
  • There was a suggestion put forward about having more than 8 artistes over the hour that the show would be on and the consensus was that if we have more interest we run a 2nd show on Sat 31 October
  • With ticket pricing there was no discussion, however, there is information on the flyer and on the SUPER CRO webpage Douglas – please include a reply all

    Looking forward to making this event happen


    MAD Pride Online.pdf

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