September 2020 Update with 1st 25 Recovery Boxes

Today, I did a 28 minute Live Facebook cross to give people involved in the Kickstarter Recovery Box project there September 2020 Update with the 1st 25 Recovery Boxes.

This link https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=949338155569821&extid=lZUdx11ibOjm4kTH will take you to the Facebook Consumer Conversations page where you can watch what has been happening as we roll out the 50 Recovery Boxes that I received the funds from Kickstarter in May.

Currently 23 boxes are sitting with some backers from the projects and others who have agree to be involved in Beta Testing and developing the Recovery Boxes.

We are getting closer to announcing when we will be holding our first Recovery Box Workshop where we will have 5 Recovery Boxes to give away to people who participate in the 2 hour Introductory workshop.

If you have any question please ask me at pm

Just as a side issue I received confirmation that I can Launch our 2nd Kickstarter project and the plan is to do this on Sunday

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