Charitable Purpose

Taken from Section 4 of the SUPER CRO Constitution

Section 4. SUPER CRO Charitable purposes and not-for-profit status as setout in our constitution

1. The association (Super CRO) is established to be a charity and will pursue the
following charitable purposes in respect of the distress of mental illness or

Advancing Health
2. Advancing the health of individuals with lived experience of mental distress or
trauma (consumers) by undertaking any of the following activities:
2.1. providing community health services focused on the treatment of and recovery
from mental distress or trauma;
2.2. facilitating access to the services in 2.1) above;
2.3. providing patient transport services to and from community health centres where
2.4. providing training for medical professionals regarding the most recent
developments in best practice for consumers

Advancing Education
3. Creating an online library for consumers and their carers, family and friends at
www.recovery-box.com; and other social media the committee chooses to use
4. Creating a public museum which is focused on the development and history of
Consumer Run Organisations.

5. Supporting or opposing a change to any law, policy or practice in the
Commonwealth, a state, a territory or another country which impacts on consumers,
in particular, opposing Section 195 of the NSW Mental Health Act (2007), namely,
The provisions of sections 3, 68 and 105 are intended to give guidance in the
administration of this Act and do not create, or confer on any person, any right or
entitlement enforceable at law.

6. Other similar purposes beneficial to consumers and/or the general public
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